Entry No. 45

Our Easter Lamb Cake

One batch of cake mix fit perfectly.  We chose white for our lamb.

We made our edible grass with shredded coconut and nearly a full bottle of color.

The cake popped out the pan easily… definitely use lots of Crisco.  😉

This cake took an entire bag of mini marshmallows!

Our precious Lamb Cake, a reminder that Jesus was the perfect Lamb and such a great yearly tradition.

“Sometimes, we just have to start over.  Often, we must begin – again.  Every now-and-then we stretch a little further, push a little harder, delve a little deeper. It’s what makes us, better.  When we’re better we’re stronger, though perhaps exhausted.  When we’re better we smile wider, sigh lighter and laugh heartier.  When we’re better, we say ‘hello’ to the unexpected.  When we greet the unexpected, we encounter wonder.  Hello, Better.”
{2 Corinthians 3:18}     
D. G. D.
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