Entry No. 51

So, I wanted to talk a little bit about growing things from seed.  It reads so challenging to some, at least it always did to me.  I’ve grown things from seed A. LOT. over the years, this spring was no exception.  This time though, I tried out using landscape fabric.  It’s available in the garden center of any store with a garden center.  It allows light and water through but does not let weeds out.  I had my doubts but… it worked.


I tilled the dirt, laid the fabric down, secured it, snipped a hole with a scissor, put the seed in properly in the hole, watered and waited.  One morning, when I went out to check on my garden, I saw the seedlings just below the hole in the fabric.  I gently helped them through the hole and that was it. I miss the look of rich soil beneath the leaves of my plants but it’s a worth-while trade.  I’m weed-free naturally and I’ve noticed less watering is needed.  The fabric helps the dirt retain moisture longer. For the curious, these are Kentucky bush beans. Can hardly wait to eat these fresh out of the garden when they’re ready.