Entry No. 39

Our Potato Harvest was fantastic this year!

Well, I’ve concluded I prefer to write in cooler weather.  When the cool air is real and not the fake, forced kind in my home.  {smile} It’s been a while!  Our seedlings were just sprouting with my last journal entry and now our garden has come full circle and been turned over for season’s change.  These potatoes are the Norland Red and Yukon Gold varieties I mentioned here. I have a few other harvest photos to share. You can look forward to those this week.  Happy Autumn!

Entry No. 37

photo 5I planted Yellow Onions recently.  I went to the Hardware store for a garden hose and came home with a bag of these too.  So, I guess we’re growing Onions this year.  {smile} It’s a little embarrassing for me to admit but, I had to Google how to plant these.  Anyway, I dug a shallow trench by the fence on the other side of the yard for the stinkers.  I hadn’t planned a place in the vegetable garden for them and was finagling with straw, you know and they wound up loners.  They sprouted quickly – another instant gratification grow for me.  A fresh onion.  That’s something interesting to look forward to.  Nothing like a vegetable garden to help us see exactly where some of our food comes from and appreciate the process – and the rewards!

Entry No. 36

photo 4I was surprised to find blooms in my Norland Red potato patch today.  These are grown from store-bought Seed Potatoes which, normally, are sterile tubers.  I’ve grown potatoes from tubers like this for five years now, in buckets, in the ground… this is the first flower I’ve seen.  It’s kind of cool actually, because I didn’t have to wait for my True Potato Seedlings to bloom to see a flower.  Now, we’ll have to wait a bit to know if this flower will actually produce a seed pod.  I’d prefer to stick with saving seeds from my True Potato Seeds but it’s a neat experience you know, just to find out what happens.