Entry No. 49

Nana’s Potato Pancakes

Everyone in my home loves to eat Nana’s Potato Pancakes.  They’re easy to make and I have several fond memories of my grandmother cooking up a batch of these.  Usually, she’d make them after holiday dinner company had come and gone, leaving a few servings of mashed potatoes behind.  In this photo, I used about a cup of leftover mashed potatoes. They were garlic Parmesan flavor with a bit of mayo added.  Anyway, I added one egg to the cold potatoes and enough flour to give the potatoes a semi-thick, pancake batter consistency.  I browned them over medium heat with a bit of butter.  They take much longer than regular pancakes to cook fully and are not as forgiving if you flip them too soon; so worth the extra effort though. Serve them with a side of applesauce and you’ve got a delicious brunch or savory breakfast from yesteryear.

Entry No. 48

I know it’s silly… but I absolutely adore my little egg cooker.  It poaches, hard-boils, soft-boils in a few minutes and perfectly every time.  Takes all the guesswork out of boiling them in a pot of water and hoping the time is ‘just right’ this turn.  I use it to make my grandmother’s Egg Salad recipe.  I’ll post that soon.  For now, here’s one of my favorite appliances. I know it’s silly, but I cherish my egg cooker.  Just never know what’s gonna send you.  There’s an egg poaching in there right now.  ❤ So very near and dear to my heart. ❤

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 7.50.42 PM


Entry No. 47

So, we broke out the tiller.  My garden is officially tilled for Spring.  I adore this little machine, it’s worth its weight in hours of labor and blistered hands.  Two passes in each direction with the tiller breaks the dirt up freely about eight inches down, cannot imagine gardening without it.  It’s fantastic for young plants getting their start each Spring.  So cannot wait to get my hands in the dirt and have that fresh earth scent fill my head.