Entry No. 52

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.42.51 AMSo, I have news.  I’m “move’n on up” to the attic.  My Etsy studio that is.  Things are going well and I need a little more room to spread my supplies and things out as I work to fill orders. Right now, I’m in a small bedroom on the second floor of my home.  I was feeling cramped and the attic is empty so… Makes sense right? Here’s a photo of the attic.  I’ll post progress pictures as I complete the move for the Heart of Wonder studio.

Entry No. 46

My Bedroom Closet Office!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  I needed a small private space for my computer and printer.  Our home is so old and was built in the days when closet space was an afterthought, they’re so very small.  Just the right size for a mini-office though. My clothes are elsewhere, and that’s another post. But here’s my office.

The school desk I scored at a local thrift store for around $15 last Summer. The shelf area was empty but for the built-in braces and one board.  I dragged the white shelf in the photo down from the attic and stuffed it in here; that was also $15 from Walmart two years ago.  The printer is down on the floor with foot-room to spare.  Now I just need to find a good chair… Here’s to an office I can close up and put away.

Entry No. 14

IMG_7757We needed some signage for our garden.  The little popsicle sticks work great you know, until everything is huge and grown… and you can’t find them any longer. So, we painted some rocks, Madelyn and I, and sprinkled some glitter here-and-there on the wet paint.  Then, when they were dry, I wrote on them with a Sharpie marker.  At the end I sprayed them with some clear gloss spray paint.  We have a large rock garden {was here when we moved in} all around the East and some of the front side of our home. We picked through for the bigger ones and used those for this project.

Yep, I spelled Tomatoes wrong the first time around.

My garden markers were free as, I had all the supplies on hand already from previous crafts and things.  They sparkle in the sun and put a nice bit of color in with the vegetables.  I felt pretty resourceful making these and we had a great time too.  Was a windy day – very windy – and we painted outside so, the rocks dried quickly before we plopped them in the garden.  There’s more than what’s shown here – we made a lot.