Entry No. 52

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.42.51 AMSo, I have news.  I’m “move’n on up” to the attic.  My Etsy studio that is.  Things are going well and I need a little more room to spread my supplies and things out as I work to fill orders. Right now, I’m in a small bedroom on the second floor of my home.  I was feeling cramped and the attic is empty so… Makes sense right? Here’s a photo of the attic.  I’ll post progress pictures as I complete the move for the Heart of Wonder studio.

Entry No. 46

My Bedroom Closet Office!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  I needed a small private space for my computer and printer.  Our home is so old and was built in the days when closet space was an afterthought, they’re so very small.  Just the right size for a mini-office though. My clothes are elsewhere, and that’s another post. But here’s my office.

The school desk I scored at a local thrift store for around $15 last Summer. The shelf area was empty but for the built-in braces and one board.  I dragged the white shelf in the photo down from the attic and stuffed it in here; that was also $15 from Walmart two years ago.  The printer is down on the floor with foot-room to spare.  Now I just need to find a good chair… Here’s to an office I can close up and put away.

Entry No. 12

IMG_0496This is our schoolroom.  When we moved into our home, nearly two years ago, the attic had been newly finished.  Before that, it had a near one hundred-year-old coal stove at its center.  It went out through the roof.  The belly of the stove was four floors down in the basement and the entire house was heated from there.  Our home as a whole is just shy of 100 years old.  It’s been refinished on the inside, though the original floors and front windows remain.  At any rate, we decided the attic would be perfect for a schoolroom. So, when people ask my oldest daughter why she’s not in school, if we’re out one day during school hours, she tells them, ‘oh, I go to attic school.’  Always a conversation starter, believe me.  It’s become our thing, calling it attic school.  Catchy, right?


Anyway, here’s how our room is set up.  I did my best with snapping a panoramic photo but am still no pro. The first photo was taken from the window {where I change out seasonal decor}.  The second was taken from the reading tree area {just click to enlarge}.   I visited the teachers stores locally, all of them, and collected things from Gordman’s, Khole’s, Dollar Tree,  Hobby Lobby, Target, Amazon and Walmart as well.  I should mention, I collected for about two years.  The shelves were from Walmart, the cubby and chairs from a garage sale, the table was free.  We used the complete Horizons program for our Preschool curriculum along with the Alphatales book set from Scholastic.  When we were starting the room, I couldn’t really find many photos of homeschool rooms, how they were set up, for an entire room.  Most were nooks and cozy spaces all throughout a home.  I plan to do that as my girls get bigger, but at the time, needed a complete room set-up.  I haven’t been to a preschool in thirty-five years so, I really just winged it.

IMG_0546 I wanted to share these photos for others starting out who feel a little lost in this area as, getting started really is the hardest part. {Yes, I did cover the a/c vents and wall light before the first day!} I’d tell anyone to get a fully planned curriculum the first time too – unless you’ve had experience building your own.  Our preschool year was wonderful and the attic is closed now for the summer.  We literally ‘went to school’ each day, it was nice making it a separate experience from our day-to-day.   I will gladly answer any resource questions about things in the photos and have close-ups of different areas available for posting as well.  Just check back in the comments.  I usually reply there.