Entry No. 44

photo(13)Last night, I started yet another crochet project.  It’s just my way, having a few projects going at once.  I can switch between them depending on how much time I’ve got to sit and work {longer for complex projects, shorter for simpler ones}, what type of stitch I’m in the mood for and even what colors suit me at the moment.  They are all completed eventually – that’s what matters, right?  So, This stitch, the Basket Weave, is considered and intermediate level crochet stitch.  I tried out a swatch of it last week and I love the rhythm of both front and back-post double crochet stitches.  It’s way easier than it looks and was my first try working post-type stitches. The yarn I chose is different from what the pattern calls for; the color is Terra Cotta from Hobbly Lobby’s ‘I Love This Yarn!’ collection.   It’s working up quickly and I’ll post more photos and the pattern next week.

“Sometimes, we just have to start over.  Often, we must begin – again.  Every now-and-then we stretch a little further, push a little harder, delve a little deeper. It’s what makes us, better.  When we’re better we’re stronger, though perhaps exhausted.  When we’re better we smile wider, sigh lighter and laugh heartier.  When we’re better, we say ‘hello’ to the unexpected.  When we greet the unexpected, we encounter wonder.  Hello, Better.”
{2 Corinthians 3:18}     
D. G. D.
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